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blog post: Another Angel is at the Rainbow Bridge

Another angel at the rainbow bridge.


I lost a pal today, and I wanted to do something to remember her by.  Here is Bindy’s story.


I have always had a love affair with horses, ever since I was a little girl.  I simply couldn’t understand why my parents wouldn’t get me a pony.  All the other kids had them after all!  So I was blind? so what? I could still ride couldn’t i?  My parents disagreed.  Years passed but I never missed an opportunity to sit on, or pat a horse.  I never lost my love of them.  Eventually I met and married Joe.  He was a horse person from childhood.  He had owned lots of them over the years.  We had a lot of years without horses being much of a part of our lives.  Some years ago, however that changed.  A childhood dream of mine had come true. We had moved to a property and needed an animal that could help us keep the grass down.  To cut a long story short, we decided to look for a horse or 2.


Along came Bindy.  A beautiful brown mare with white fetlocks and hooves.  She also had a white blaze down her forehead.  She was very quiet and gentle, however, it didn’t take us long to realise she had personality plus.  If she was in the house paddock, she would be clip clopping around the veranda, making lots of cute noises until someone would come out and talk to her, or give her an apple even. Most horses, don’t really hang out near the house, but Bindy seemed to love it.  I think she would have come inside if she could have. We would cover up the hay hoping she wouldn’t get in to it, but she would always figure out a way.  She would talk to Joe with her eyes and always had a kind of cheeky mischievous look in them.  If I was near her, she would gently nuzzle me and stay really still so I could touch her pretty much all over.  At feeding time, she would raise a fuss, acting like she had never been fed in her life.  She would always greet us whenever we would appear and loved being patted and spoken to.  She always seemed happy and very lively.  

When we got our second horse Sasha, who was in foal, bindy seemed to know and soon teamed up with her.  The 2 horses were in separable.  When codie the Foal was born, Bindy even let him suckle her.  We are not sure if she produced any milk or not, but it was still pretty amazing to see a horse that wasn’t it’s mother suckle a baby.


 We didn’t realise that this special girl  was very old however.  We lost her today of natural causes. Still, I am thankful to have  had her in my life. There is a new angel at the rainbow bridge today called Bindy.  She will be sorely missed by her human and animal companions. 

RIP Bindy  girl.